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Hello Lovelies,

I’m going to start this week off with a MASSIVE disclaimer. I tried putting these in order of best to not so good (because non are bad) but i literally COULDN’T. So, these are all in a completely random order. All except Pretty Little Liars, that deserves to be at number 10 because I’m bitter as hell. With the exception of Suits, which i’ve not quite caught up with, I’ve binged watch all of these series, some many times so think I’m in a good position to give my honest review. Theres something for everybody so take a look !

  1. Gilmore Girls

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. Way more than i should. It’s such an easy watch, and such a good feel good programme (although I have been known to cry at many episodes). Once you get past the fact that it is an early 2000’s show, you will fall in love. I have to admit, the first episode I wasn’t sold, but by the second episode I was hooked. The humour is witty, consistent and completely unique. The show perfectly captures so many things that women young and older can relate to. Although, forget the woman, i’ve caught Ross having a good giggle to this on more than one occasion! Watch 2 episodes and i promise you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t be able to stop! Im currently watching this for the third time…. whoops !

  2. Stranger Things

    CAUTION: if you scare easy, don’t make the mistake i did and watch this with someone! Perhaps the polar opposite from Gilmore Girls, this show is incredible non the less. The story telling and casting are brilliant. There’s literally nothing that can compare to it. You will have no idea whats going on until the last 2 episodes or so, but i promise you, you will not be able to stop. The kids cast in this show are absolutely killing it and are so full of talent. To say I’m excited for the new series in October would be an understatement!

  3. Suits

    Yet again, completely different to the two previous shows I’ve suggested. If you’re like me, this show requires a lot more concentration, keeping up with the legal jargon is a challenge in itself. I don’t know what it is about this show, its just…clever.  This is definitely one of those shows the equally appeals to everyone. If you’ve got a boyfriend, it’s certainly something you could get him in to or vice versa! (Although, men like Gilmore Girls too evidently……

  4. Prison Break

    If you haven’t hear anything about this show, the title is a big giveaway. A lot of people lose patience with this show, and i can see why but for me this show just had something. The first and last series are definitely the best (and by last i don’t mean the revival series that just been on TV) but the character building and story telling in the show is amazing. I would say that if you haven’t seen any of the shows in this list that this wouldn’t be my number 1 recommendation, but its definitely worth a watch at some point.

  5. Orange is the New Black

    Yet another prison show, Orange is the New Black is awesome. It gives you insight into characters that if you met in real life you’d decide you don’t like without even getting to know them. On paper, a show about a female prison shouldn’t be something people become that invested in, but it has captured the hearts of so many people. I genuinely think this is the funniest, but also most heartbreaking show i have ever watched, it really is an emotional roller coaster that I can never prepare myself for.

  6. How I Met Your Mother

    With shorter episodes at around 25 minutes long, you’ll be 10 episodes into this before you know it. If you like Friends, you’ll love this. As a man recalls a story to his children about how he met their mother, the story is told through flashbacks of his and his friends lives. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it so does. This is one of those hows that you could watch endless repeats of and it doesn’t matter what episode it is, if you see it on TV you could watch it and know exactly whats going on.

  7. Desperate Housewives

    I remember my mum watching this when it first aired on TV and i didn’t see the appeal. Now I’m older i can completely see what she was thinking. The show follow the lives of several housewives living in the suburbs, and all the dram that comes with it. The show tackles serious issues as well as your typical American TV drama. This was the first TV series I ever watched from start to finish and completely committed to, and I have no regrets. As soon as i’m done with Gilmore Girls, i’ll be watching it again for sure!

  8. Gossip Girl

    This show took my forever to get into. I thought the premise of the show was stupid and boring and i couldn’t really see where they could take it. I watched an episode with my friend because I wanted to prove it was shit and lacking any sort of story line and she wanted to prove me wrong. She won. The idea that online blogger writes about the scandalous lives of the rich kids of Manhattan sounds like some part of a joke, but actually, it works. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly isn’t the most intellectually challenging thing you’ll ever watch, but its a great chick flick to take your mind off things.

  9. Breaking Bad

    Patience. That’s the key thing you will need for Breaking Bad because starting out, it  is incredibly slow. Stick with it. The premise of the show is that when a science teacher finds himself suddenly leads to needing large amounts of money, he turns to making and selling meth to get the funds he needs. As you can imagine, this creates some issues. Definitely not for the younger viewers, and certainly a tense watch, i would say this is quite a heavy show to watch but if you’ve got the patience,  it’s fantastic.

  10. Pretty Little Liars

    Okay, i’m very reluctantly putting this in here because i’m bitter as hell about the ending. However, despite making me say “i’m never watching this again” several times, I always came back and made it to the end. So it must have been doing something right, right? You become so involved with the characters and storylines, the whole show is a giant game of Cluedo. Me and Jess spent many a night sat awake concocting fan theories and trying to piece all of the pieces together, meticulously going through every detail. If you like to be left in suspense episode after episode, this ones for you.


So thats it, my top 10 Tv show picks! Although, lets be real, with the exception of Desperate Housewives you can watch all of these of Netflix. I’m currently looking for new things to watch so be sure to let me know if you have any recommendations, or if you’ve watched any of these shows, i’d love to know what you thought!


Laura xoxo 


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