The Realities of Moving Out


Hello Lovelies,

When you move out from your parents house for the first time its a wave of excitement, and then the realities set in. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE living with just me and Ross, but theres a few realities that hit me hard when I moved out of home for the first time. Whether you’re off to Uni or just moving into a new place, theres so many things you don’t let yourself think about. But fear not, here I am to hit you with all the shitty home truths about moving out of home. You’re welcome.


Okay, so i’ve always done my own ironing from when I was about 10. Yet, when i move out i’m literally ALWAYS ironing. Moving in with Ross i expected my ironing load to double, but not to literally quadruple. Where does it all come from? I have to spend and hour ironing ever 2 days. AN HOUR. I’m spending 3/4 hours a week ironing stinking clothes, what an enormous waste of time.


I’m not joking when i say that when you live alone, missing bin day is the worst. Our bins get rotated, one week recycling, general waste the next. While this sounds fine, if we get to put our bin out ONCE we’re left with a months worth of rubbish in one wheelie bin. Nightmare. I have been know to chase bin men down the street in my slippers because i didn’t get the bin out in time.


Where does it go? You get to the end of you week having spent £200 and have nothing to show for it. Your hard earned cash goes on the most stupid of shit. Contents insurance, window cleaners, gas, electric, council tax, TV license, the list goes on. Oh, and the big one, rent.


Sounds so stupid, and it’s something that most of us have control over for a long time before we move out. But when theres absolutely no-one to judge you for staying up at 3am watching Netflix, it becomes a real problem. Getting yourself into your own routine in which you can get everything done and still function like a normal human being is harder than it sounds.


This is both one of the best and worst things about moving out. Plus side, you get to chose what to eat. Down side, YOU get to chose what you eat. If you’re anything like me sticking to a balanced diet is hard, at least to begin with. I put a shit tonne of weight on when i moved out and went to Uni, hence why i’m on a diet now!


How does dust gather so fast? I swear i could dust and hoover my house every single day and it’d still seem dirty. If i could offer one tip is always start with a small house or flat, you’ll get yourself into a cleaning routine that hopefully you’ll be able to stick to when you move into a bigger place.


You will not understand the amount of mail and paperwork that accumulates until you move out. Me and Ross have lived together for just over a month and our filing box is full. FULL. How does that happen? The endless stream of bills, forms and leaflets that get stuffed through your door is ridiculous. I recycle everything I don’t need to keep, and i still have piles of paperwork everywhere.


So there you have it guys and gals, just a few of the shitty things about moving out. Don’t let it deter you, the positives far away the negatives but no-one ever talks about the good stuff do they? It’s far more fun to write about all the things i’m incredibly bitter about. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t moan. Expect more complaining to come.

Adulting Sucks,

Laura xoxox 



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