Here’s to 5 Years!

Hello Lovelies,

While i want to make sure i’m making content you guys want to read, I also want to use this blog to document big points in my life, and thats exactly what today is. 5 Years. We did it. Somehow me and Ross made it. 5 years ago today he “forgot” to ask me, and just assumed i’d be his girlfriend. Its been a crazy journey, and i want to take the opportunity to write a long soppy post and I’m not even sorry about it.

Okay, so lets take it back. Day 1.

Here we are. The first day.  June 18th 2012. I was nearly 17 and Ross had literally just turned 18. We’re sat on the train heading to Ross’s after a day shopping in Birmingham (which is also how we spent our anniversary this year). Ross warned me but i had no idea. He said to me on that very first day “you’ll be with me for a while, so get used to having me around”. Thats exactly what i did. I got so used to having him around i forgot what my life was like before him. We started of journey of Skype calls that were hours long and horrendously busy  2 hour train journeys to spend the weekend with each other. With me in college and Ross working full time we had our weekends. They were perfect and they were ours.

Two years in I went to University and things changed. Everyone told me that relationships don’t last through University. I call bullshit. Things changed and our relationship got so much better. Things felt different. More grown up somehow. Ross didn’t go to University so we were both on entirely different planets in terms of what we were doing with our lives. But it worked. We spent a LOT of time laughing…..and drinking…..


University allowed me to discover who i was going to be. Sounds cliche i know, but its so true! When you go to Uni you become surrounded by amazing people from amazing places and who have done amazing things and you start to question your own life slightly. I became annoyed that my friends had been to so many cool places, and me and Ross both caught the travel bug.


All of these things seemed like they happened 5 minutes ago. To think that some of these pictures were take 5 years apart is crazy to me. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years hold. Here we are now. In our own house, just as we always dreamed of.

Ross, i love you so much. Thank you for our crazy life, i couldn’t have do it without you. Theres no one else i’d rather share my bed, my life, or a KFC family bucket with. (We did that once, never again!). We’ve achieved a lot in our 5 years together, and its only the beginning. We’re both on the road to success, and i cannot wait to see where it takes us. Im so proud of us and our amazing house, it everything I ever could have dreamed of and more. I love you for a million reasons. I love that you do the washing up when it’s not your turn, or that you always let me choose what we have for dinner. I love that you surprise me with flowers and treat my family like they are your own. You are the kindest and most generous person I know, and i hope you know how much I appreciate you.

Heres to us my love. Heres to 5 years. Heres to the next 5 years. Heres to the future.

I Love You,

Laura xoxo




4 thoughts on “Here’s to 5 Years!

  1. Oh Laura you’re so cute, my heart just burst a little reading this.
    You and Chris Pratt are legit couple goals, you look so happy together, and I’m so happy for you! 💛


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